Smile Protection Insurance at Patuxent Orthodontics

Now that you’re having your braces removed, you must continue to wear your retainers to maintain your beautiful smile! 

As previously discussed, completing your orthodontic treatment does not guarantee perfectly straight teeth for the rest of your life.

That’s where retainers come in, keeping your teeth in their new positions!

However, your teeth may move slightly even with perfect retainer wear. 

Your completed orthodontic treatment provides you with 1 pair of free retainers. 

If you need a replacement due to wear, loss, etc., the cost is $350 per retainer or $650 for a set of upper and lower appliances. 

Our “Smile Protection Insurance” guarantees you retainers for a lifetime!

Initially, you will be given 4 sets of upper and lower retainers along with the model of your teeth for safekeeping. 

When you need a replacement, all you need to do is call for an office visit to let us know you need a new retainer. Please remember to bring the model we gave you to the appointment.

We will schedule a 30-minute appointment for you to start the process, and in most cases, you can even pick them up the same day! 

Please note that replacement retainers are to maintain your mouth the way it is; they won’t move or correct crooked teeth or orthodontic treatment regression. 

Being that conventional orthodontic insurance does not cover retainers and/or retainer replacements, this is a great way to protect your investment! 

In just 1 year of having 4 new retainers, it’s already paid for itself!

The Smile Protection Insurance costs $1,000 and can be paid over 9 months ($100 down payment and 9 autopayments of $100 each). 

Each time you come in for an office visit to have new retainer(s) made, there is a $75 charge to cover the cost of the material to remake your retainers. 

If you want to proceed with the Smile Protection Insurance offered through Patuxent Orthodontics, contact our staff to get started!