DIY Teeth Straightening: Risks and Dangers

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It’s no secret that many people are self-conscious about their teeth. Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can make you feel inferior and embarrassed, especially when you smile. So it’s not surprising that DIY teeth straightening is becoming a popular trend.

Several DIY teeth straightening methods are available online, from using dental braces to using rubber bands. And while these methods may seem like a cheap and easy way to achieve straighter teeth, they can be very dangerous.

Our mission at Patuxent Orthodontics is to care not only for their dental health but also for their general health. For that reason, today, we’re going to discuss in detail the subject of DIY teeth straightening and learn more about the dangers associated with this practice to teach our patients that professional teeth straightening has no valid substitute!


DIY braces are made from everyday household items rather than the more expensive materials used in commercial braces. People employ paper clips, rubber bands, earring backs, and fishing lines to ‘build’ their own braces by following online instructions. People also buy DIY brace kits directly off the Internet from doubtful sellers.


Is it time for us to consider joining the fray as well? The answer is a clear, unanimous no—DIY braces are ineffective and even dangerous. With no orthodontist to examine the patient’s medical history, assess the mouths’ overall structure, and devise a professional, safe treatment strategy, DIY braces are destined to fail from the start. Remember that orthodontists have years of education before being entrusted with our dental health, which is why their advice is so important.


As previously stated, DIY teeth straightening does not require the help of a trained expert. Instead, patients are left to diagnose and treat their own conditions, fabricate their own dental impressions, and administer their own treatment! Such a picture turned into a scary thought for the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), who issued consumer warnings against such practices.

Patients who ignore such warnings and proceed with their DIY teeth straightening treatment expose themselves to a myriad of dental and health issues, such as:

  • Tooth damage, wear, and loss
  • Tooth gaps
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Bone, jaw, and gum damage
  • Infections caused by foreign bacteria

In most cases, all of these issues translate into expensive medical care, ultimately defeating the purpose of cutting down on costs in the first place!


Despite the many dangers linked with DIY teeth straightening, some individuals are still prepared to take these chances and put their health at risk.

The first reason in this equation is a growing DIY trend. By citing the example of a college student, who used a 3D printer to create his own set of clear aligners, people are confident that they can achieve the same feat without costly professional treatments. However, such attempts are subject to sheer luck, which doesn’t belong in the orthodontics field.

The second reason is linked with financial aspects. Due to low costs and convenience, DIY teeth straightening solutions attract many people. However, what they save on DIY solutions is invested in expensive medical care, if not more.

Last but not least, the growth of the Internet drove people towards looking up solutions online rather than in a dentist’s office. While a quick search on the Internet can give us basic information regarding dental issues, it is essential to know that no two patients are the same – what works for others might not work for you! For that reason, online searches are not a valid substitute for actual visits to the dentist.


Teeth straightening is a complex procedure that necessitates a careful and personalized approach. There’s no doubt about it: professional teeth straightening surpasses any do-it-yourself method. Orthodontists are capable of providing the ideal smile of your dreams without putting your health at risk, thanks to technological advancements over the previous few years.

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