What Makes My Invisalign Attachments Stain?

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Invisalign® has proved to be a great choice for Eddie. Growing up, he missed out on getting his teeth straightened. Now, he can accomplish his work without his coworkers noticing his braces. One evening, after a long, productive day at work, Eddie noticed a yellow tint on his Invisalign trays and attachments. He panicked while thinking of ways to solve this dilemma.

With Invisalign, you don’t have to wear metal braces to straighten your teeth! Such an advantage over traditional braces is their invisibility. Adults who do not want to have their braces on display are concerned about this trait. Then why do Invisalign trays turn yellow? Are Invisalign attachments stainable?

Yes, Invisalign staining can occur. However, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and take care to maintain and clean your Invisalign properly, your secret will not be revealed.

About Invisalign®

The Invisalign® System

Historically, dentists have used metal braces to gradually move the teeth of their patients into healthier positions. Invisalign, which is a more advanced and desirable orthodontic treatment, is now being used by many professionals to achieve the same goals among teens and adults. 

As an alternative to metal wires and other hardware, Invisalign uses custom-fit plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. In addition to being more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, they also produce better results with less time. It is expected that these devices will be worn for 22 hours a day and will need to be removed for two hours, only for eating and cleaning. Here at Patuxent Orthodontics, we use Invisalign as our primary teeth straightening method.

The Invisalign® Attachments

There are small attachments included in the set with the Invisalign system to help keep the trays working correctly. In one type of set, the trays are held in place using a set of “buttons.” Each button matches the color of a specific tooth. Unlike the trays used only for two weeks before being replaced by the next pair, these buttons are left in place until the treatment is over. 

Do Invisalign Attachments Stain?

Invisalign attachments have the potential to stain. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this and clean any mild stains that occur. Stains are not a major issue with the materials used in Invisalign products, as they are pretty much stain-resistant. Because they are installed for a shorter period than traditional braces, heavy stain buildup is seldom an issue. However, strong substances can damage them.

What Causes Invisalign Stains?

Invisalign stains are usually caused by dark foods and drinks, such as:

  • Tea and coffee;
  • Dark-colored soft drinks;
  • Dark alcoholic beverages, such as red wine;
  • Fruits and other foods that are rich in color, such as berries;
  • Vaping or smoking.

Invisalign Care Guidelines

According to the manufacturer of Invisalign, Align Technology, Inc., there are ways to make the most of your appliances. Before drinking anything other than plain, cool water, remove your trays, especially if you are drinking something dark. Rinse your mouth thoroughly before you put them back in your mouth. 

The Invisalign Trays

The Invisalign system comes with several pairs of trays. Each set is meant to be worn for two weeks and is designed for a particular stage. Thus, no sets are alike. As each set is used for such a short period, if one becomes stained, it will soon be replaced by a new, clean set. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can temporarily remove them while enjoying your coffee. 

The aligners need to stay in your mouth for 22 hours a day, so if you want that coffee, you’ll need to determine when and how you can remove the trays.

The Invisalign Attachments

For the duration of your treatment, you have buttons in your mouth that hold the trays in place. Therefore, it is impossible to remove them to drink your daily cup of joe. Moreover, they are not easy to replace if they stain.

Invisalign Attachments and Trays: How to Clean Them

If your Invisalign appliances become stained, you have several options for cleaning them. Some may be better for you than others, depending on your situation. Ask your dentist what works best for you. 

Here are some possible options:

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It is essential to follow the cleaning instructions and maintain a consistent cleaning routine if you want your Invisalign aligners to remain stain-free. Take your trays out every time you want a drink other than water, such as a cup of coffee or soda. Wash your mouth thoroughly before putting your trays back in.
Consider using a straw when drinking colored drinks. If you do this, you can reduce the amount of liquid that touches the attachments. This method cannot prevent all drinks from coming into contact, but it can help.


Choose Patuxent Orthodontics for Your Orthodontic Treatment!

Invisalign is an impressive alternative to traditional braces, and perhaps its most significant benefit is its invisibility. You don’t need to explain why you’re wearing braces in your 30s! However, if your trays or attachments begin to stain, your secret will be revealed. 

By avoiding dark-colored foods and drinks, you can easily avoid Invisalign stains. However, this might not be possible for everyone. If you’re aiming for the perfect smile, you have to either make the sacrifice or compromise to prevent the appliances from becoming stained. 

Contact Patuxent Orthodontics if you think that Invisalign retainers may be a solution to your dental woes. Whether you want to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign retainers or simply have questions about the process, use our live chat or call (240) 802-7217 or send us a message through our contact us page to connect with our friendly staff today to book a free consultation! Our office, located at 44220 Airport View Dr., Hollywood, MD 20636, proudly serves Maryland’s Patuxent area, as well as the Greater Washington DC area. So, if you’re residing in California, Lexington Park, and Great Mills and are looking for one of the best orthodontists in MD, don’t hesitate to visit our office! We also invite you to keep up with our blog to get answers to many of the frequently asked questions about maintaining sparkling oral health and follow us on social media to become a part of our smiling community!

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